Monday Melee 2/5

February 5, 2007 at 3:13 pm 3 comments

meleesmall.jpgThe Monday Melee is a Fracas project. You’re invited to participate. Get details and see the participant list here.

The Misanthropic: Name something you absolutely hate.
Mean, judgmental behavior. So many people are unkind without even thinking about another person’s circumstances or point of view.

The Meretricious: Expose something or someone that’s phony, fraudulent, or bogus.
“Big Oil” is enjoying record-setting profits and outrageous executive compensation packages while the environment goes to hell in a handbasket and the average citizen struggles to cope with escalating prices at the pump.

The Malcontent: Name something you’re unhappy with.
My dishwasher seems to be on its last leg. I’ll probably have to replace it soon.

The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something and name it if you can.
My father is finally getting the hang of being retired and enjoying himself.

The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.
I am an actively involved parent.

The Make-Believe: Name something you wish for.
A few more hours in the day that aren’t already spoken for.


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  • 1. fracas  |  February 6, 2007 at 1:16 am

    Inadequate dishwashers are evil whether they be of the mechanical or the human kind.

    I feel for you!

    I updated your Melee link. Thanks. I get a kick out of reading how different (and sometimes the same) our answers are to the same questions.

  • 2. Nicola  |  February 6, 2007 at 8:31 am

    I am enjoying reading these too.

    Hope the dishwasher hangs in there – I would be lost without mine.

    If you manage to get a few more hours in the day – care to share them?

  • 3. icedmocha  |  February 6, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    Fracas – I’m glad you started this project. It’s a good exercise, and it’s fun to see how others answer.

    Nicola, that reminds me of a funny saying I heard once: “If you can’t get everything done in the first twenty-four hours, work overtime.” I don’t remember who said it, but it seems to fit my life.


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